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PE side seal foil bags

Our foil bags with a side seal made of polyethylene (PE) are used not only for packaging various types of goods, but also for the protection of these goods and security against dirt or damage during transport or storage. They are distinguished by high resistance to mechanical damage, low temperature, aggressive media, as well as low permeability o water vapor.
We provide you a wide selection of models, i.e. basic, carried bags without reinforcement, carrier bags with reinforcement, with hole from the bottom, bags with bottom fold, euro hanger or ear. There is also the option of equipping them with additional options such as flexographic printing, unusual holes for special orders, perforations and more.

Types of produced packaging

Basic + bottom gusset
Bag with hand hole
Bag with hand hole + double foil on the top
Bag with hand hole + bottom opening
Wicket + bottom gusset
Wicket + euro hole
Wicket + hand hole

Technical data

thickness: 18 - 200 micron
additional options vent holes, perforation, flexographic imprint, bottom gusset, non-standard holes

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