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Hardware Tools and Screws


Here at Krus, we recognize that certain items require specialized packaging to provide safe handling and protection for your products. We know that hardware tools and screws are essential components in various applications but can be easily damaged or even rendered unusable if stored in suboptimal conditions.

Krus understands that and can offer you the best tool and screw packing solutions, which, combined with our expert advice, will ensure that your hardware tools and screws are packed securely and arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

We have over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom packaging for a wide range of industries and applications, and we are confident that we can create the ideal packaging product for your needs.

Choose Krus today and keep your hardware tools and screws safe and sound until they reach the customer!

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Hardware Tools and Screws

Hardware tools and screws may look sturdy at first glance, but improper storage conditions can easily damage or even destroy them. Moisture is the most common enemy of such items, as it can cause rust, which will make the tools unusable.

To keep your goods safe, you need a form of packaging that provides reliable protection from moisture and keeps foreign elements like dust or dirt away.

Krus has a wide range of packaging films that can be used for hardware tools and screws, particularly of the Polyethylene variety. Poly bags made out of such materials offer great water resistance and will keep your hardware tools and screws free of moisture. They are also very affordable and can be easily customized to any size or shape, size or thickness you need.

The bags can be provided in the color of your choice or left transparent – an ideal solution if you want your customers to instantly know what’s inside. Our flexographic printing method allows us to print up to 8 Pantone colors on your packaging, ensuring that your brand is easily recognizable.

Krus also offers a wide range of additives that might come in handy for your particular application. For example, we can add a slip-enhancing agent to facilitate easier packaging of your screws or a UV inhibitor to protect the polyethylene bags from sunlight damage.

You also may want to consider selecting an antistatic additive for your packaging. This agent will help prevent static electricity from accumulating and possibly generating sparks.

If you have any further questions or don’t know the ideal packaging solution for your hardware tools and screws, don’t hesitate to contact us – our experts will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible!

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