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Safety and Quality is our top priority

Our Quality and Product Safety Management System guarantees our customers the health safety of our products and their high and reproducible quality. We work according to the BRCGS for Packaging Materials standard, one of the most well-known standards of the packaging industry, which sets the course for the development of a quality and product safety management system for packaging products.

The site code of our company on the BRCGS website is 10006342. The certification covers the scope of: extrusion, cutting and perforation of LDPE, MDPE, HDPE films; cutting and sealing of LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, CPP, OPP, laminate, polyolefin packaging, printed and unprinted; flexographic printing on LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, CPP, OPP , cellulose film, paper, non-woven; packaging materials for direct and indirect contact with food, hygienically sensitive products and other products. Laminating is a subcontracted process.

The main task of our Quality Control Department is to control the production process from the receipt of raw materials to the manufacture of the final product. We develop product specifications, issue quality certificates and declarations of conformity based on customer requirements and applicable legislation.

Research & Development

We carry out research and development work with the aim of improving and creating new products to meet customer expectations. Among other things, we carry out film strength tests (tensile and puncture), friction coefficient tests, assess the sealability of films and carry out optical measurements of films and prints (haze, transmittance, colourimetric measurements).

We also carry out product ageing tests.

We are in direct contact with clients, respond to their needs and complete tasks within the timeframe set by the client.

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