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Kruś Sp z o.o. Sp K.



What makes KRUŚ company’s offer special is first and foremost our highly flexible approach. We are well aware of the different needs of our clients, which is why we always try to adjust the offer to specific demands. What is more, we can also provide a durable and incredibly flexible customization of our products.
Above all, our comprehensive offer includes all available types of foil packaging. We produce LPDE foil in a variety of options. More often than not, LPDE is an irreplaceable product used in a variety of industries, our clients use them in flexographic printing houses, as well as warehouses and sorting plants. We also provide a reliable foil packaging – we guarantee not only a wide selection of ready-made solutions, but also a unique opportunity to design and make packaging which meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We make standard packaging and the ones with additional options, such as air vents, reinforcement tape, knurling, extra handles and much more.

But at KRUŚ company we do so much more than that. We are proud to have our own flexographic printing house which significantly widens the range of our services. That is why quickly, with due diligence and without any problem we can make overprints on foil on pouches and plastic bags. In this way we can change a practical, everyday item into an impressive, advertising product.

We are an advocate of caring about the environment. Which is why we expanded our offer by adding purchasing and processing of foil waste to our services. Foil regranulation is an amazing way of reducing the amount of waste and optimizing costs across the company. At KRUŚ we are proving that the goods made out of recyclable materials do not only constitute the thrifty investments, but also have an actual impact on the protection of the environment. What is more, the goods obtained in this way are by no means of worse quality than their first-hand equivalents.

Our offer is addressed to such entities as individual clients, as well as big and small production, trading and service companies.