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Kruś Sp z o.o. Sp K.

BRS Certification


Dear Sirs!

We are pleased to announce that our company has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of Global Standard for Packaging Materials. Issue 6, achieved Grade A.

For the following activities:

Extrusion, cutting and perforation of LDPE, MDPE, HDPE films. Cutting and welding of packaging from LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, CPP, OPP foil, laminate, and polyolefin, with and without printing. Flexographic printing on LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, CPP, OPP, cellulose, paper, non-woven films. Packaging materials intended for direct and indirect contact with food, products sensitive to hygiene and other products.

BRCGS for Packaging Materials is the most famous standard in the packaging industry, which sets the direction of development in the field of quality and safety management system for a packaging product. For our company, it is an opportunity for international recognition and recognition, especially in the supply chain. It opens up an opportunity for our company to work with numerous organizations, giving our customers the certainty of high-quality products and inspiring customers’ trust in our brand.