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Adhesive Closure Bags


Adhesive closure bags can be used in many applications, i.e., as a document bag, to protect clothing, or to ship magazines.

The strength of our products lies in their resealability, but they can also remain closed permanently.

Choose our adhesive closure bags and benefit from our experience as a manufacturer of film solutions!

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Adhesive Closure Bags

Technical Details

ColoringIn accordance with customer requirements
PrintingFlexographic printing of up to 8 colors according to pantone


  • We pack products according to client’s instructions
  • Foil or cardboard packaging
  • We cooperate with producers of cardboard packaging
  • We pack in own or customer material
  • We cooperate with packaging companies
  • We produce non-standard orders

Quality control

  • All products are checked and controlled at every stage of production
  • We have certificates and attestations for products intended for contact with food


  • We provide our own transport in the area of Poznań
  • We cooperate with transportation companies
  • We perform small-scape and full-pallet shipments

Private Label

  • We offer a whole range of our products in packaging under own brand
  • We adjust dimensions and methods of packaging to the individual needs of our clients
  • We produce collective packaging and labels for own brand of our clients

Adhesive Bags: Structure and Function

Our adhesive closure bags are flap bags that can be reopened several times.

These products are made of special materials such as LDPE, HDPE, CPP, and OPP and have a straight flap for closing.

Adhesive closure bags are also commonly known as adhesive or self-adhesive seal bags.

Those who ordered T-shirts or other clothing online in the past probably have come into contact with this form of the bag at least once.

Freshly manufactured adhesive bags have a piece of film attached to the flaps to protect the adhesive strip (adhesion seal).

After the first use, the pouches can then be either opened or closed several times.

Depending on the purpose, it is possible to manufacture adhesive closure bags with an antistatic additive that protects the goods from electrostatic charge.

KRUS - Your Competent Partner for PE Films of All Kinds

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the different films and to find out which product is the right one for your project!

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How Krus Adhesive Closure Bags Can Be Used?

We manufacture transparent and colored adhesive closure bags.

The transparent version of the product is a perfect choice for a mailing bag, as the contents (e.g. magazines or advertising materials) can be easily seen by the recipient.

In addition, the low weight of the film (compared to paper packaging) benefits the shipping.

Our adhesive bags can be colored according to your wishes.

We can manufacture the films either completely opaque or partially transparent, depending on your needs.

Besides these two variants, it is also possible to print custom adhesive closure bags.

Just choose one of 8 high-quality Pantone® colors for your packaging.

If you are unsure about the right choice, don’t worry – we will be happy to advise you on the perfect solution for your needs!


The quantity ordered depends on your individual needs – feel free to contact us anytime!

We can manufacture adhesive closure bags for you starting from approx. 50 mm and a thickness of around 20µ.

Definitely! We offer adhesive closure bags with pressure seals in addition to the conventional adhesive strip (permanent or resealable). We can also add grip holes if you need them.

In addition to the sectors already mentioned in the text, our adhesive closure bags are used by many other customers, including but not limited to: 

  • Publishers that ship their magazines 
  • Lettershops/printing companies that ship mailings and promotional items
  • Textile industry
  • Medical technology
  • Automotive and electrical industries
  • Toy industry

If you are planning to ship electrical parts, we recommend selecting adhesive closure bags with an antistatic agent as an additive. This way, the dangers of electrostatic charge can be minimized. Other additives we offer to our customers are UV stabilizers (which protect the goods from UV radiation) as well as anti-block and anti-fog additives (to prevent sticking and fogging of the bags).

We can also offer you an especially scratch-resistant material if your goods require such a solution. Contact us so that we can advise you individually based on the needs of your products!

The disposal of packaging made of PE and PP films is very clearly regulated in Germany and does not require any additional expense on your or your customers’ part. You can simply put the bags in the yellow garbage cans or the yellow bags and thus ensure that they will be recycled.