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Composite films


Do you want to protect your products from environmental influences such as UV radiation, dirt, and toxins and pack them inexpensively at the same time?

If so, the composite films from Krus are the perfect choice for your needs!

Besides the size, we also adjust the material properties of the films to the needs of your goods and use printing to ensure that the packaging is visually appealing.

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Composite films

Technical Details

Category Films


  • We pack products according to client’s instructions
  • Foil or cardboard packaging
  • We cooperate with producers of cardboard packaging
  • We pack in own or customer material
  • We cooperate with packaging companies
  • We produce non-standard orders

Quality control

  • All products are checked and controlled at every stage of production
  • We have certificates and attestations for products intended for contact with food


  • We provide our own transport in the area of Poznań
  • We cooperate with transportation companies
  • We perform small-scape and full-pallet shipments

Private Label

  • We offer a whole range of our products in packaging under own brand
  • We adjust dimensions and methods of packaging to the individual needs of our clients
  • We produce collective packaging and labels for own brand of our clients

Composite Film From Krus: Applications and Structure in Detail

Krus composite films are multilayer solutions used to produce flexible packaging in no time at all. Our composite films have a wide range of applications and are often used by the food industry, but also to protect pet food and hygiene products.

We use the following materials for manufacturing:

  • Polyethylene (PE) compound
  • Polypropylene (PP) compound

All materials have their own individual properties. If you are unsure which compound is a better choice for your products, we will be happy to advise you on the special properties required for packaging your goods.

With over 30 years of experience, we place special emphasis on ensuring that our customers do not receive mass-produced goods, but rather custom-made composite films at an affordable price.

Structure of Composite Film

The Krus company produces films suitable for lamination. Such films always have a multi-layer structure and are available as flat films, small or large rolls, and bags. In the subsequent processing into composite films, the individual layers are built up from the so-called monofilms, which are adapted to certain areas of application.

Following that, the mono films are then bonded together by adhesive lamination to form a composite. Apart from solvent-free or solvent-based adhesive lamination, it is also possible to join the mono films by extrusion. In the latter technique, molten plastic is applied to the material web through a slit die, producing a permanently coated film web.

KRUS - Your Competent Partner for PE Films of All Kinds

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the different films and to find out which product is the right one for your project!

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Feel Is Also Important: Surface Finishing of Composite Films

Of course, price and appearance aren’t the only factors our customers in the packaging industry look for. They also want their packaging to “feel good in the hand”. After all, who likes to reach for a product that feels uncomfortable to touch?

Here at Krus, we are well aware of this fact and offer several forms of surface finishing, including:

  • Lacquer
  • Matte varnish 
  • Paper touch varnish 
  • Paper look varnish 
  • Protective lacquer 

Paper touch varnish gives composite PET and PP films a very special feel – it simulates the feel of kraft paper or parchment. Your customers will appreciate this special type of packaging and will be happy to buy your products not only due to their “external values”!


How much composite film you have to buy is based on your own requirements. If you are unsure about the necessary quantity, we will be happy to advise you on how much film is needed for your goods. Feel free to contact us if you need help!

Yes, it is possible. We can produce your composite film punched, perforated or resealable on request.

Since food products can only be preserved if they are protected to the highest degree from external influences, we recommend that our customers use composite films made of high-barrier laminates. This type of solution offers your edible goods the necessary protection to meet current hygiene standards.

High-barrier composite films are manufactured to be temperature-resistant through the use of suitable coatings. They are not only a good choice for packaging and storing frozen products, but are also suitable for microwavable ready meals. As with all food packaging options, we ensure that hygiene standards are maintained to the highest degree.