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Foil regranulation


Bearing in mind the environmental protection, which is an important element of our company, we created a foil regranulation department in 2007. We have a modern production line with a double degassing function. Thanks to the regranulates obtained by us, it is possible to produce foil packaging, which (despite repeated processing) does not lose their quality.

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High quality of regranulates

When leaving our production lines, regranulates are undoubtedly characterized by high quality. The obtained regranulate can be successfully used for the production of foil and foil packaging, used both in industry and households.

Furthermore, we operate comprehensively, because the scope of our activity includes both the purchase of foil waste, as well as their processing. In this way, we contribute to reduce the amount of foil waste in the environment.

Investment in saving

Activities related to the recycling of foils enable the reuse of these products in everyday life and it is connected with the possibility of saving funds for the purchase of new products. This is an advantage for both everyday users of foil products and manufacturers of these products: instead of buying new materials for the production of bags or carrier bags, you can use regranulates available on the market. There is no obstacle in using and processing such materials repeatedly. Additionally, this affects the popularity of secondary raw materials on the market. It is time to invest in practical and proven solutions!


Common environmental protection

The reuse of articles made of foil enables to reduce the amount of waste in the economy, because the waste does not go to the garbage, it is used again. It is unnecessary to constantly produce this type of raw materials, because they can be used many times. Additionally, the foil recycling process prevents long-lasting (reaching even several hundred years) plastic decomposition process. Our services are conducive to effective protection of the environment. Thanks to this we can contribute to the protection of the environment.


Wide range of applications

Regranulates obtained thanks to the recycling are used to produce foils for industry and households. Packaging can be used both as an element for storing various types of products or as a protection of surfaces or installations against moisture. Foils are very often used in construction industry.

The biggest advantage of our activity is the acquisition of high-quality regranulates (recycling of foil). Regranulates are recycled raw materials – thanks to them, we can produce foil packaging that, despite repeated processing, does not lose its quality.

Knowledge or our employees and modern production line with the function of degassing mainly contribute to the realization of the above-mentioned assumptions. We operate comprehensively, because the range of our activity includes both the purchase of foil waste and its processing. We also have our own transport, which we use to transport waste.


Why is it worth to cooperate with KRUŚ Company in the field of foil recycling?

We offer both permanent and new clients:

  • Attractive pricing conditions,
  • High quality products,
  • Ecological solutions,
  • Professional advisory.

Therefore, we invite you to take advantage of our offer for the foil recycling. We guarantee that cooperation with our company will be fully satisfying for you. If you have any additional questions regarding our activity, please contact us directly.