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The bags in doypack format offer a variety of benefits to their users.

They are equipped with a stand-up bottom, which helps to transport and showcase your goods standing up.

Doypacks are often used for packaging food products such as coffee and tea, as well as powders like dishwashing or laundry detergents.

Doypacks are designed to be visually appealing – they can be colored and printed, which makes them ideal for the presentation of your high-quality products.

Contact us, and we will provide you with detailed information on doypack film solutions from Krus at any time!

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Technical Details

Category Films


  • We pack products according to client’s instructions
  • Foil or cardboard packaging
  • We cooperate with producers of cardboard packaging
  • We pack in own or customer material
  • We cooperate with packaging companies
  • We produce non-standard orders

Quality control

  • All products are checked and controlled at every stage of production
  • We have certificates and attestations for products intended for contact with food


  • We provide our own transport in the area of Poznań
  • We cooperate with transportation companies
  • We perform small-scape and full-pallet shipments

Private Label

  • We offer a whole range of our products in packaging under own brand
  • We adjust dimensions and methods of packaging to the individual needs of our clients
  • We produce collective packaging and labels for own brand of our clients

The Advantages of Doypack Films From Krus

Stand-up pouches in doypack design offer many advantages to our customers. Our doypack bags provide you with a high-quality packaging solution at a very good price.

They are also weldable and save you much more space during storage and transport than packaging without a stand-up bottom.

The material is tear-resistant, and zipper closures can be added to the films to make them resealable. Aroma and taste are preserved at all times thanks to the protection of the packaging and the closure.

These advantages are appreciated not only by our immediate customers but also by the end users of the doypacks manufactured from our films.

They are equally enthusiastic about the easy handling and the low packaging waste guaranteed by the resealability! 

KRUS - Your Competent Partner for PE Films of All Kinds

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the different films and to find out which product is the right one for your project!

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From Invention to Use: What Doypack Films Mean Today?

Even if you never heard about the doypack films before, you have certainly seen this type of packaging. It all started with the packaging of small soft drinks in aluminum composite material.

While we still use this material, we can also produce doypack films from polyethylene, pure composite, polypropylene composite, PET composite, PA composite, and high-barrier composite. 

Doypacks make it possible to package a whole range of goods in an attractive and space-saving way. These include: 

Coffee beans/coffee powder: benefit from airtight packaging that prevents the aroma of your beans from leaking out! 

Confectionery: Doypack films not only allow you to package your confectionary in a very attractive way, but they can also be resealed several times. This way, your sweet treats won’t lose flavor or consistency – even on the road! 

Powder detergent: Unlike cans or plastic packaging, doypack films are designed with the environment in mind. They require significantly less material to manufacture, which should satisfy those customers for whom sustainability is a major issue of our time. 

Other goods that are often packaged with our doypack films include spices, teas, ready meals, as well as hygiene products, including soaps and shampoos. (e.g., refill packs)


Yes, we can dye and print doypack packaging for you according to your individual requirements. Our customers can choose from 8 high-quality Pantone® colors.

We can provide you with doypack packaging manufactured from a wide range of materials, including: 

  • Polyethylene (a semi-crystalline and non-polar thermoplastic, known briefly as PE.)
  • Pure composite (a multi-layer material that is very flexible and used mainly in the food industry.)
  • Polypropylene composite (a special material made of polypropylene (PP) – essentially a mixture of one or more polyolefins. That means pigments, fillers for reinforcement, or similar supplements can be added to the packaging material.)
  • PET composite (a dimensionally stable material that prevents static charges.)
  • PA composite (an abbreviation for polyamide, PA composite is often used for films in the packaging sector. This material is characterized by its strength, easy thermoforming, and high heat resistance.)
  • High barrier composite (film material characterized by an extremely stable oxygen and water vapor barrier, which is especially important to prevent clumping when packaging food and hygiene products in powder form.)

In addition, the following closure types are available: pressure closure, Euro perforation, and opening notch. You can also request other features, including laser perforation, grip holes, or a viewing window.